Welcome to the future of city commuting!

The Tesla of mopeds/motorbikes has finally arrived! This forever growing franchise has taken the UK by storm! We, over at Unity, are proud to host the Super Soco Range.

With a breathtaking design and performance, who thought going eco would be boring? With a selection of 5+ models ranging from the TC MAX, a slick looking motorcycle built for the highway with top speeds of 58 MPH, to the CUx, a swift and comfortable electric scooter built for weaving through the morning traffic.

News & Reviews

“You’ll struggle to find a more affordable form of short-distance motorised commuting than this. Would I buy one? Yes, I would.”
Rob Hill, Daily Mail

“After spending the better part of a day navigating my way around London’s nadgery back roads I was impressed with the Super Soco”
Liam Marsden, Motorcycle News

“The Super Soco was a fun bike to ride. Its acceleration was impressive, its range handled my 25 mile round trip, and the removable battery makes it easy to charge”
Jon Porter, Tech Radar