The New Tivoli is a real development of the original Tivoli. Still combining all of the brilliant features and now offering different engine options including a 1.5 litre turbocharged engine. Still as comfortable as ever, the Tivoli has a generous amount of space for 3 passengers with its award-winning comfortable front seats. Not forgetting about the safety, the Tivoli boasts 7 Airbags (not EX) for protection on impact.

Exterior Styling​

The new Tivoli has a unique blend of style with practicality, fun with versatility, and comfort with technology – all in a modern and updated package.​

Whatever you need on your journey – bikes, golf clubs or luggage for five – Tivoli has the answer; the perfect SUV for those who want to downsize without compromise.​

Interior Styling

New Tivoli redefines the standard for interior style and trim for a small SUV. Award-winning comfortable front seats, enough rear seat space for three passengers, a chunky D-cut steering wheel that looks and feels good and new fascia that’s ergonomic, modern and purposeful, come together to create an upmarket ambience.


New Tivoli has a choice of brand new 1.2 and 1.5 litre direct injection and turbocharged petrol engines or an uprated 1.6 litre diesel engine rated to the latest Euro 6d emissions standards means that there’s a Tivoli for every requirement.


All TThe basis of a vehicle’s safety is its monocoque structure – both how it’s made and how it responds on impact. SsangYong’s engineers have made extensive use of high strength steel to construct a rigid passenger cell.

Tivoli is equipped with 7 airbags (not EX) for maximum passenger protection on impact – the most in its class. These include a driver’s knee protection airbag – a feature normally found in prestige vehicles.

Features (Ultimate Only)

Leather Seats

Height Adjustable Driver's Seat

Front Seat Warmers

Heated Steering

Stainless Steel Front Door Kick Plates

Tinted Glass

Remote Keyless Entry

Dual Smart Keys with Start Button

Automatic Door Locking System

9" HD touchscreen with TomTom navigation

Apple Carplay

Android Auto

Engines Engine Capacity
Maximum power (PS/rpm) 0-62
Top Speed
Emissions CO2
Fuel consumption**: low mpg Fuel consumption**: high mpg
1.2 Litre Petrol Manual 1197 128/5000 112 158 34.0 47.1
1.5 Litre Petrol Manual 1497 163/5500 112 164 32.8 45.6
1.5 Litre Petrol Automatic 1497 163/5500 108 175 28.2 42.8
1.6 Litre Diesel Manual 1597 136/4000 108 146 47.1 57.6
1.6 Litre Diesel Automatic 1597 136/4000 107 158 38.7 54.3






FROM £14,345.00​​