Money Matters.

In these incredibly difficult times we have worked tirelessly to find solutions which apply to every single customer regardless of type so from private individual, farm trades, small to medium business all the way through to large corporate . We understand that you may not be thinking of buying a new or used car BUT you have approaching final RV payments , end of term PCP, lease cars needing to go back etc. We work under one of the largest Finance Broker networks in the UK with over 200 Lenders and with the current bank of England support have multiple options from refinancing current vehicles, swapping type of finance, multiple disposal, short term lease, the list is endless

Below are a list of some of the services and contact details for each element .

Refinancing vehicles or assets purchased outright

As Unity now have an in house finance brokerage, we can help in refinancing your current vehicle or possibly other assets you may have, and unlock cash for you. We can finance cars, trucks, lorries, HGVs, trailers, motorcycles, classic cars, caravans & camper vans, farm machinery for example. Please contact to discuss options available to you.

Interest Free 50:50 Finance or APP

For certain brands that we represent, including Subaru, Jeep & Alfa Romeo we can offer with an interest free 50:50 scheme or Advanced Payment Plan. This means you may be able to trade your vehicle in, and depending on its value either add nothing cash wise or very little to upgrade your car. It may even be possible to unlock some equity from your car and take a sum of ‘cash back’ if your vehicle is worth more than 50% of the value of a new replacement for example. Please contact if you would like to explore this option.

Low Rate Finance

We have worked with our funding partners to ensure we have the tools to help assist in saving you money in interest charges. In some cases we can now offer you up to 0% finance or a reduced rate of interest than you may currently be paying, making a vehicle upgrade cost you less in interest charges. Please ask for the sales manager at your local Unity branch to explore your options.

Does your contract hire vehicle or leased vehicle expire in the next 2 – 3 months?

If so, and you have concerns that the timing of this isn’t ideal for you, we have ways we can help. Examples of what is available to you ranges from the possibility of extending your current lease or having no advance payment to make to replace your current vehicle on a new lease. Please contact if you would like to explore this option.

Payment breaks

You may be eligible for a payment break in your finance agreement if you have been impacted by Corona virus, for our International Motors Finance & Lex vehicle finance customers, a facility has been introduced to allow you to apply for a monthly payment break. If you wish to explore these options you can contact the finance companies directly. For International Motors Finance customers, please call 0344 5560358. For Lex Vehicle Finance customers please call 0344 8796000. We will advise our customers with agreements with other lenders as and when information is received.

Is your vehicle due maintenance or needing repairs?

If your vehicle is due maintenance and or is needing repairs, we can offer you a payment plan or service plan to spread the cost of any unexpected repairs or untimely maintenance. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

What we are doing to safeguard our staff and our customers.

We understand people may choose to not take risks in visiting public places presently, please rest assured we are methodically maintaining the levels of hygiene within our dealerships and have invested heavily in equipment and goods to ensure our facilities are as hygienically clean as possible. We have a strict process for hygiene with our staff and new policies have been introduced and are being enforced. But if you require vehicle maintenance we can uplift your vehicle for you by our own staff who are taking all of the necessary hygiene measures to ensure you are well protected and we have geared up much of our business to be contactless. Likewise, if you are interested in one of our new and used vehicles, we can send you walk around videos, converse via telephone & email, carry out virtual appraisals with your current car to value it in part exchange and if you wish we can offer you out of hours appointments and offer you a seamless easy transition into a new vehicle.

We are here to help, our customers are vital to us and we are all in this unusual climate together, if you need our support and help, please talk to us. Anything discussed with us and our team will be in the strictest of confidence.

Here are some useful contacts:

Unity Coventry Dealer Principal – Simon Gould – 01676 533145

Unity Tredington Director – Kevin Smith – – 01608 661544

Unity Leicester Dealer Principal – Simon Gould – 01676 533145

Unity Oxford Dealer Principal – Matt Horne – 01865 376000

Unity Group Director – Elliott Cartwright – 01865 376000

Unity Group Director – Mark Hensher – 01608 661544