Why Go Electric or Hybrid? The fight to slow climate change is on, and many manufacturers are doing their bit by providing cleaner vehicles. Now’s your chance to make a difference – to the planet and to your wallet – by choosing an electric or hybrid car. Learn more today with Unity Automotive.

Electric Vehicles Explained.

Electric vehicles come in a variety of forms, so it’s worth knowing how each option works before making your choice. Below, we’ve provided a brief explanation of the types available.

    Electric Electric cars don’t have a petrol or diesel engine at all, replacing it with a rechargeable battery pack and electric motor. The battery must be plugged in to charge it up, and it powers the motor which then turns the wheels. These vehicles are the cleanest option, as they emit no CO2 or NOx.
    Plug-in Hybrid Plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs) have both a combustion engine and an electric motor. They can run on electric-only power, petrol or diesel-only, or a combination of both. The battery pack needs to be plugged in to charge it up.
    Full Hybrid A full or self-charging hybrid uses a small battery and electric motor to support the main petrol or diesel engine. It has the same function as in a mild hybrid system, but there is often the capacity to travel a handful of miles on electric-only power.
    Mild hybrid A mild hybrid vehicle is powered by a petrol or diesel engine, but also has an electric motor, which provides a boost to acceleration and helps to reduce emissions when cruising. The electric motor isn’t large enough to power the car on its own, and is charged by the combustion engine.
    Why By From Us? Your Vehicles. Your Way. Anywhere. With locations in Oxford, Coventry, Leicester and Tredington, we at Unity Automotive are well-placed to help customers across the West Midlands with their electric and hybrid vehicle needs. With extensive knowledge of electric technology and a range of high-quality cars, we’ll help you make the switch to cleaner driving.


    Lots of our customers have questions when it comes to choosing an electric or hybrid car. Here, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked.

    What is the best electric car?


    The best electric car for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. There are different powertrains, body styles and specifications available here at Unity Automotive, and our advisors will be happy to help you choose the option that suits you best.

    How long does it take to charge an electric car?


    Charge times depend on the powertrain of your vehicle and the type of charging point being used. A domestic wallbox, for example, typically has a lower output than a public charging station, meaning it’ll take longer to charge the car.

    How far can an electric car go?


    The range of your electric car depends on the make and model you choose, as well as how you drive it. Chat to our advisors today to learn about your chosen vehicle’s range.