Dodge Finance Options

Whether buying your next vehicle through your business or personally, manage your new or used vehicle purchase with our suite of flexible funding options.

PCP Explained

Personal Contract Purchase allows you to drive a new or newer vehicle for a lower monthly payment in many circumstances than an equivilant Hire Purchase agreement.

For a PCP quotation, select your favoured vehicle, your anticipated annual mileage and any available deposit. PCP typically is available for terms from 24 to 60 months and is available subject to factors including terms and conditions of credit acceptance (credit history/scoring) vehicle age and mileage at the start of the agreement and availablility on certain vehicles. With PCP, there is a lump sum usually referred to as a deferred payment or balloon figure at the end of the finance agreement. If for instance you selected a 36 month term, the '36th payment' would be a balloon figure which is calculated based upon the annual mileage you have anticipated adding to the vehicle for the 36 month term. If you wish to keep the vehicle beyond 35 months, you must repay the 'deferred payment'. Your other options include updating your vehicle early during the PCP agreement, if you owe less on the PCP agreement than your car is worth at that point in time, then you can use this sum (equity) as deposit or partial deposit for your next vehicle if you so wish. If you owe more than your vehicle is worth during your PCP agreement (negative equity) then more cash deposit may be required from you to achieve an acceptable monthly repayment.

Your other option is that in most circumstances you can hand the vehicle back at term end, for example with a 36 month PCP agreement, you can hand the vehicle back to the finance company on month 36. The vehicle must be returned in good condition and in accordance with the BVRLA fair, wear and tear standard. For more information on PCP financial agreements, please view this video or contact our sales team.

HP Explanation

Hire purchase allows you to pay for your chosen new or used vehicle monthly over your desired term, usually between 12 - 60 months, depending on the age of the vehicle at the start of the financial agreement. Once you have made the last monthly payment/rental and providing no outstanding payments are due you have nothing further to pay towards the vehicle finance and you will then own the vehicle outright. Hire purchase agreements like all financial agreements are available subject to terms, conditions, vehicle type and credit acceptance. Hire purchase agreements are typically secured against the asset. For more information on HP financial agreements, please view this video or contact our sales team.


Personal or business contract hire offers hassle free motoring and a cost efficient way of funding the use of a new vehicle without the associated costs of ownership.
For a fixed monthly rental and a low initial outlay, you have a vehicle at your disposal that works efficiently all of the time. The contract can be tailored according to your individual needs whether funding the vehicle through your business or personally.
A full maintenance package can also be included within the monthly rental. This covers regular servicing as well as the costs of wear and tear to brakes and tyres.

At the end of your contracted term, simply return the vehicle to us (within the agreed mileage and in good condition), choose your next vehicle and start again with a new contract. The vehicle must be returned in good condition and in accordance with the BVRLA fair wear and tear standards.