Sssangyong Motability offers

At SsangYong GB we are absolutely delighted and incredibly passionate about assisting disabled people to meet their personal requirements when it comes to choosing a vehicle. SsangYong vehicles have only been available on the Motability scheme since January 2015 and we are currently able to offer the following vehicles via the Motability scheme

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Representative Example:Ssangyong Offers
Model DLA Advance Payment
Tivoli 1.6 128PS SE £0
Tivoli 1.6 128PS EX £299
Tivoli 1.6 128PS EX Auto £899
Tivoli 1.6 128PS ELX £1099
Tivoli 1.6TD 115PS SE £99
Tivoli 1.6TD 115PS EX £499
Tivoli 1.6TD 115PS EX Auto £1,499
Tivoli 1.6TD 115PS ELX £1,099  
Tivoli 1.6TD 115PS EX 4x4 £1,199
Tivoli 1.6TD 115PS ELX 4x4 £1,799
Tivoli 1.6TD 115PS ELX Auto 4x4 £2,399
Korando 2.2TD 178PS SE £299
Korando 2.2TD 178PS EX £499
Korando 2.2TD 178PS EX 4x4 £999
Korando 2.2TD ELX 4x4 Auto £2,299
Turismo 2.2TD 178 SE 5dr £1,299
Turismo 2.2TD 178 EX 5dr £1,799
Turismo 2.2TD 178 EX 5dr Auto £2,599
Turismo 2.2TD 178 ELX 4x4 Auto £2,749
Rexton 2.2TD 178 SE 5dr 4x4 £1,499
Rexton 2.2TD 178 SE 5 Auto 4x4 £1,699

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