Jeep Grand Cherokee srt

The Grand Cherokee SRT® delivers everything you would expect from a range topping sports SUV. With cutting edge technology such as the bespoke SRT instrument cluster & luxurious interiors and a sports specification which includes the 6.4 V8 Litre HEMI engine, taking you from 0-62mph in 5 seconds, 20" Black Vapour Chrome SRT alloys with Pirelli tyres, Sports Leather and Suede seats and Carbon-Fibre trim plus even more additions for 2016 Model Year. 

The design team at Street and Racing Technology has transformed our world-acclaimed SUV into something outstanding: the Grand Cherokee SRT Night. A sleek, exterior conceals a formidable 6.4 litre V8 engine, creating a devastating blend of performance and style. Because adventure never sleeps.


Jeep  Grand Cherokee srt£68,850
  • Engine Size 0000cc
  • Fuel Type Petrol/Diesel
  • CO2 000g/km
  • Transmission Manual/Automatic
  • Economy 00.0mpg
  • Tax / VED Band X
  • Specification 1
  • Specification 2
  • Specification 3
  • Specification 4
  • Specification 5
  • Specification 6
  • Specification 7
  • Specification 8
  • Specification 9